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You are gorgeous, but imagine what professional eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting will do for the depth and colour of your eyes and the definition of your face. And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing mascara! 
Or get bigger, brighter and ultra feminine eyes with our face-enhancing beauty treatment Eyelash permingdesigned to give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl without the daily need for eyelash curlers. 
Or just reshape your eyebrows! 
Get lovely eyebrows and lashes with our quality and affordable lash and brow treatments of your choice! 



Lash lift or formally known as Lash Perm has been reformulated to give you a longer lasting curl of your own lashes. Using various size rods (depending on the curl desired and lengthh of your lashes), we will delicately and painlessly curl your lashes. Your therapist will nurture you through this treatmment allowing you time to relax with your eyes closed while we expertly arrange and refine your lashes. We recommend a lash tint for maximum wowness!


Lash Botox is a hydrolyzed keratin mask for eyelashes that also contains Argan oil and proteins. The nourishing mask fills the natural lash with keratin hence making them smoother and giving them a thicker/fuller look.


This is an actual brow hair dye/stain and shin stain as well! Make eyebrows amazing and long lasting in Micropigmentation Center Arklow with this amazing brow henna.

Staining henna gives you the opportunity to expressive eyebrows, camouflage gaps in over plucked eyebrows or sparse brow hair and spa care allows to achieve the maximum result of staining, prolonging the effect of the procedure, as well as strengthens and takes care of hair and skin. Henna Spa will have an amazing tattoo look and lasts anywhere from 5 - 30 days, pending different skin and the aftercare.



Threading is a form of temporary hair removal, an ancient manual technique similar to plucking. It involves the use of a loop of twisted cotton thread which is passed across the skin to trap the hairs and so 'pluck' them from their follicles.​


Benefits of Threading


Threading is a simple, and an efficient way of removing unwanted hair with minimal pain and skin irritation. The results are neat with approximate regrowth between 4-6 weeks. Very short hair can be removed and there is little irritation to the area making it possible to go over the area more than once. Hair can be removed individually or in 'lines' to create a perfect shape and can be removed from both above and below giving the threaded eyebrow its characteristic groomed appearance. Threading is also good for individuals that have undergone strong acne treatments e.g. roaccutane , retin A.


What type of Thread is used for Threading ?


A 100% anti-bacterial cotton thread imported from India is used for Threading . This thread allows strength but resilience during the technique whilst reducing the risk of infection.


What areas can be 'Threaded'?


Threading is mainly performed on the face e.g.
Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides of face, nose, ears, neck and forehead but can be used all over the body.



There is no comparison between lash extensions and self stick-on strips of false lashes or salon applied cluster lashes that are stuck on to the skin. The lashes are made of either acrylic, silk or mink lashes and are applied one-by-one onto the natural lash with a safe lash glue that lasts approx 4 to 6 weeks.

The extensions give the eyes an instant lift and in many cases have the effect of mini-face lift without the pain. It is a relaxing procedure and many of my clients fall asleep. There’s no need for mascara as the extensions give the eyes a full, luscious look and as they are water proof, they are perfect for holiday wear, your lash extensions are tailor made to suit you , your face and your lifestyle. You can choose from a natural beauty look to a fantastically glamorous, wow-look. The eyes are very important as they’re the first thing that people notice about us so, the mirror of our soul so frame them Right!

  • When PROPERLY applied, you can’t feel any difference after your eyelash extension procedure. It should feel completely weightless. Lashes should look full yet individually separated with no clumps. They should be placed correctly, individually and artistically.

  •  IMPROPERLY applied, your lashes feel heavy and uncomfortable as if you were wearing at home glue-on lashes. There should be no mascara-like clumps, multiple criss-crossed lashes together or gaps.​

  • The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is THE LESS YOU TOUCH THEM, THE LONGER THEY LAST! They do require you to be gentle with them and no rubbing but you have to clean them every day,saunas or steam weakens them as does oil-based makeup and spray tan.

  • The procedure takes approximately 2-3hrs for a full-set and 90 mins for an in-fill. It’s a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration; it can not be rushed if I am to ensure that clients leave with a perfect set of lashes. I will ensure you’re relaxed. You will have your eyes closed and experience no pain as it’s a non-invasive procedure and the most relaxing experience of the month.

  • At Micropigmentation Center Arklow, client comfort is of utmost importance to me. I always use soft under-eye collagen pads specifically designed for eyelash extensions to hold down the lower lashes. Next, a single natural eyelash is isolated and a synthetic lash is glued to the top of the client’s own natural lash, approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue or the lash has contact with the skin.


How long do they last?


After 4 weeks you can expect to have approx 50% of your LashRight lashes remaining depending on your natural hair growth speed AND if you respect and take care of them. Remember, this is a semi-permanent beauty procedure. Do not be duped by those who promise extensions that last for months. A real lash’s cycle is around 30 – 60 days and as yours grow and fall out, so will the ones newly-attached.

As it is hard to determine at what stage each lash is at in the growth cycle when applying the extensions, it is unpredictable when and which lash naturally falls out. Each day we can lose 3 – 5 natural lashes but often they go un-noticed unless they fall into your eye. When eyelash extensions shed we are much more aware of it as we know the extensions are there because they are longer, darker and thicker.

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